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About Paradise, Inc.


Paradise Brands Brings You a Rich Tradition of Delectable Confections…. For nearly three-quarters of a century, Paradise, Inc., has produced, packed and distributed its brands of Candied Fruit, which have been the favorites of homemakers and commercial bakers throughout North America.

The company, Paradise; began as a subsidiary of a diversified corporation soon after WW II, but shortly thereafter, Candied Fruit became the focus of its business and other operations were either sold or closed. In 1961, current ownership purchased the company, and the name Paradise Fruit Company was adopted and later incorporated in 1965 as Paradise Fruit Company, Inc. Through ever increasing diversification and a number of acquisitions of related entities, the company’s name was changed in 1993, to Paradise, Inc.

The Paradise Brands include PARADISE™, PENNANT™, SUNRIPE™, MOR-FRUIT™, DIXIE BRAND™, and WHITE SWAN™. In addition, some of America’s leading grocery retailers like; The Kroger Companies, Safeway Stores, Inc., Food Lion, LLC and Bi-Lo, LLC have such confidence in Paradise quality, that they offer it for sale, under their own labels. Today, these brands make Paradise, Inc. the largest manufacturer and supplier of consumer packaged Candied Fruit in the world. Now you can enjoy creating mouth watering Holiday Recipes and other traditional and non-traditional confections year-round.

We are very happy to offer you our NEW Paradise Interactive web-site, , to search for your favorite recipes, join our new Paradise Recipe Club, submit your own secret family recipes, and purchase Paradise Candied Fruit year-round………….

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