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Paradise and Pennant Candied Fruit

Ginger Peach Sorbet

Summer’s here and it’s time to make cool, refreshing treats. Nothing beats the heat like a sumptuous, home-made Peach Ginger Sorbet. This easy-to-make recipe begins with a ginger- flavored simple syrup and fresh peaches. Blend the peaches, simple syrup and lemon juice until smooth, stir in chopped candied ginger and freeze. It’s that quick. The little bites of candied ginger burst in the mouth, adding an unexpected pop of flavor.



  • 6 Whole Fresh Peaches
  •  1 Cup White sugar
  •  1 Cup Water
  •  1 Tablespoon Dried powdered Ginger
  •  1 Tablespoon Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  •  3 Tablespoons Diced Paradise Crystallized Ginger


1. Make simple syrup by combining water, sugar and ginger in sauce pan and bring to boil.

To be continued…